Trade group Australian Wool Innovation hopes to grow Merino wool's share of the luxury market in China with a new campaign targeting the rapidly expanding women's wear segment.

Six of the country's leading premium women's wear brands - Icicle, JNBY, Zukka, Exception, White Collar, and Eachway - have already committed to increasing their Australian Merino wool product offering by 5% in autumn/winter 2011/2012 and by 30% for autumn/winter 2012/13.

Designers from these brands will travel to NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia seeking inspiration for an exclusive Merino wool collection they will create for their brand.

As part of the campaign, a six-part television documentary by the Chinese Business Network (CBN), China's sole luxury oriented media giant, will film the designers learning not only about Merino wool but the people and land which produce the fibre.

A design studio called 'The Wool Lab' will be created on a Merino wool farm where designers can select materials from over 500 select yarns and fabrics from 60 manufacturing partners in the UK, Japan, Italy and China.

The campaign will use multiple media channels to drive the message of Australian Merino wool to Chinese women through television, radio, print, online, social media, in store promotion and outdoor billboards.

"Today the luxury market in China, like the rest of the world, is driven by more than glamour and 'hype'," explains Sam Guthrie, global business development manager at AWI. "Luxury consumers are interested in values of heritage, quality, provenance and craftsmanship. They want to know what the substance behind the brand and its product."

China is the world's second largest luxury market, consuming 27.5% of global luxury purchases, and is forecast to be the largest luxury market in the world by 2015. According to McKinsey & Co, Chinese consumers spent US$15bn on luxury products in 2010.