Metail on the newly launched

Metail on the newly launched

Virtual fitting room company Metail is extending its reach to Asia by partnering with the Aditya Birla Group (ABG) to allow users to try on clothes online for the first time in India – and enable garments to be tailored to better-fit their body shapes.

The two-year agreement, its first in Asia, will incorporate Metail as one of the core launch differentiators of, the new online fashion destination from the US$41bn Aditya Birla Group.

Metail will help to unlock previously unknown data on customer size and body shape, which can be used to improve apparel fit and design – from cutting items to fit better, to making more garments their consumers want to wear.

“The unique data sets that The Metail Experience offers is something the product team is very excited to explore,” explains Vikram Bhat, chief product officer at “Metail gives us a better understanding of the size and shape of our shoppers; we can now personalise our communications to them and tailor garments better to their body shapes.”

According to figures from the Times of India, PWC, and The Economic Times, the Indian e-commerce market has grown over 300% in the last four years, to $13.6bn in 2014 – and is likely to touch $16bn by the end of 2015. By 2020, the industry is predicted to be worth $20bn.

India is also the 3rd largest smartphone market in the world, (by 2017, 314m of the population will be mobile internet users), and to satisfy demand for mobile technology, Metail has integrated with the native android app.

“Our unique data sets and rapidly evolving product mean we are now in a position to disrupt the global fashion e-commerce landscape,” claims Tom Adeyoola, founder and CEO of Metail.

Metail launched with its first customer – Clothing at Tesco – in February 2012, and last year raised US$12m in funding led by Hong Kong based TAL Apparel, one of the world's leading garment suppliers. Click on the following link to read more: TAL Apparel leads $12m funding in Metail virtual fit tool