According to press reports, Korea is moving to remove the ban on wearing minis and hotpants in public, good news for already-booming skirt producers.

Showing too much skin in public places will no longer be classed as indecent exposure and will be eradicated from the Minor Offenses Act, the National Police Agency has been reported as saying.

The law introduced by a straight-laced dictatorship government in the 1970s has remained on the books but has not been enforced since the return of democracy to Korea in the 1980s, and young women have been flaunting such wear in Korean streets for years now.

Even in winter minis are proving a hot item as online shopping mall G-market reports selling 15,000 mini-skirt and hot-pants per day, with some 450,000 units sold in October alone - a 10% increase from their summer season turnover.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.