UK high street fashion retailer, MK One, is starting a new chapter in its history by joining the growing band of stores catering for the changing body shape of women.

MK One said between 22 - 25 per cent of women in this country are size 18 and above and as a result, the company is launching the `Chapter 18 - 24' range.

The new range, which includes designs from the usual ladieswear range but in larger sizes, goes on sale at around 60 MK One stores from the end of this month. 

The spring collection includes a strong focus on denim with stretch turn-ups or cropped jeans worn with college t-shirts.

It also includes the latest fashion essentials - cowl neck jumpers, a pvc biker jacket, bootleg flares, geometric a-line skirts and tunic tops.

Emma Browne, ladieswear buyer at MK One said: "The great thing about Chapter 18 - 24 is that it compliments our MK One range.

Therefore if you're a size 18 bottom and a size 16 top, you can still buy a co-ordinating outfit. When it comes to fashion, anyone can look stylish, whatever their size.

"The most important thing to do is to make the most of your best assets and dress in a way that will draw attention to favourable areas and play down those you don't like."

By Deborah Bowyer