Monarch Design Systems, the cross-platform CAD solutions provider to the apparel, textile and home furnishing industries, has formed a strategic alliance with E-Color, Inc, the Internet color quality specialist.

E-Color has developed True Internet Color, which compensates for the causes of variations in color display on the web, such as computer configuration, monitor technologies, and operating systems.

"True Internet Color is a critical element in Internet-based solutions for our customers, particularly for e-commerce of fabrics and fashions," said Eric Rosenberg, marketing director for Monarch. The technology is being used to great effect on such e-commerce sites as

True Internet Color, in tandem with Monarch's Monarchive image management software, offers a solution for companies that want to present their products on the web while ensuring color quality and consistency.

Monarchive enables apparel and textile companies to easily access and print thumbnail images of particular garments or fabrics accompanied by relevant data, such as style, season, customer, description, available colors, cost, sell price, or trim. And because users can rapidly sort and search through the image files visually, the guesswork and tedium of file location is eliminated.

Monarch and E-Color will be co-presenting a morning and afternoon seminar on this solution: "Archiving On The Web With Consistent Color" on Oct. 24th at the Apple Market Center in NYC. Attendees can register via the web at