Scandinavian fashion brand Monki says it will reach its goal to source 100% of its cotton products sustainably by the autumn.

The development is a part of the H&M-owned brand's ongoing work towards a more sustainable future, which includes plans to ensure complete sustainability across its products by 2030.

"This is a step towards our 2030 goal to only support sustainably sourced materials," says managing director Jennie Dahlin Hansson. "It's a good feeling, knowing that 100% of our cotton is now sustainably sourced."

Monki's sustainably sourced cotton includes organic cotton (grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers from non-GMO seeds), recycled cotton (re-using valuable fibres), and Better Cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), each representing a different way to change cotton production for the better.

Founded in Sweden in 2016, Monki is a freestanding brand in the H&M group. Today, more than 115 concept stores offer the Monki experience in 16 markets, including franchise markets. Online, delivers to 18 European countries, offers Monki fashion in China and wholesale ensures global shipping.