Clothing chain Monsoon is taking budget retailer Primark to court for allegedly copying six of its garment designs.

Although Primark has already removed the offending goods from its shelves, Monsoon says that the company's "continuing copying" is "clearly unacceptable", and that it wants damage compensation of £200,000 as well as a promise by Primark to not repeat the infringement.

Monsoon says that the garments sold by Primark - which retail for a quarter of the price of its own versions - are of a much lower quality than its own, and are detrimental to its image.

The products in question are a zigzag-patterned linen skirt, a curved panelled skirt, tropical print swimwear, girls' corduroy trousers, a children's striped scarf, and socks with poodles and hearts printed on them.

Primark last year paid Monsoon £23,000 for selling what appeared to be copies of two of its garments, and has since infringed on many more designs, Monsoon says.