153 UK MPs have pledged their support for an anti-fur campaign targeting fashion labels including Gucci.

The campaign by Respect for Animals has attacked Gucci for its promotion of a new 'ebony sealskin fur coat', and is pushing the government to outlaw all seal goods imports.

Respect for Animals has released details of a poll that suggests 73 per cent of Britons would be in favour of trade limitations on seal goods.

Nearly one million Canadian seals have been clubbed and shot to death over the last three years. Opponents claim many animals are stunned and conscious while being skinned.

Respect for Animals director Mark Glover said: "International governments have an urgent responsibility to bring pressure to bear to stop this considerable and unnecessary suffering. We are calling on the government to act now."

More than 150 MPs are said to have signed an Early Day Motion calling on the UK government 'to prohibit the import of all seal products into the UK'. Belgium has recently instigated such legislation, while Italy has indicated its intention to do so.