The line comprises products across baby, nightwear, and underwear

The line comprises products across baby, nightwear, and underwear

UK retailer Marks & Spencer has partnered with medical technology company DreamSkin on a new range of products across baby, nightwear and underwear to alleviate sensitive skin conditions.

DreamSkin uses polymer technology that is medically proven to soothe and protect the skin, lower skin temperature, help reduce friction and act as a repellent on detergent residues that can cause irritation.

Alongside the new fabric finish, M&S has also considered the stitching of each garment and has introduced softer threads and flat seams to avoid as much irritation as possible.

The new 22-item product range has been in development for 18 months and comprises kidswear products across baby, nightwear, and underwear.

"Feedback from our customers showed us that a significant number of children suffer from eczema or other skin related irritations and they wanted M&S to help with this," says Deborah Sharpe, head of kids' product development technology.

"The team has received incredibly positive feedback from the DreamSkin trials along with genuine and heartfelt thanks from the wearers and their parents, giving us the confidence to put these new ranges into production."