Luxury goods brand Mulberry is moving on to the next stage of its 'Agile Supply Chain' programme that will see it add Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management tools to help speed product development and sourcing.

The company has already partnered with retail technology solutions firm Aptos on solutions for pre-season and in-season planning, leading to a reduction in inventory and greater visibility throughout the supply chain.

The British lifestyle brand, whose product range includes accessories, womenswear and footwear, is focusing on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management during the next project phase.

"With the market calling for greater agility and our business constantly expanding both in terms of geographies and channels, we not only had new planning needs, but also new requirements in terms of sourcing, costing, as well as increasing overall merchandising responsiveness," explains Richard Cunningham, group IT director at Mulberry.

"We chose Aptos as our partner in our 'Agile Supply Chain' transformational programme for the retail expertise of the Aptos team across all processes, the ability to cover the merchandise process from end to end, as well as the track record of satisfied customers."

Founded in 1971, Mulberry trades in Europe, the US and Asia through its own retail stores, direct wholesale customers and partners, as well as a growing online channel.

"This has been a very successful project, and it has enabled Mulberry to implement its Agile Supply Chain initiative and realise key objectives, including a reduction in inventory and greater visibility throughout the supply chain," adds Neil Ritchie, CFO at Mulberry.

While implementing both pre-season and in-season planning modules has helped Mulberry teams evolve business processes, the brand says the addition of PLM capabilities will allow for the management of all collection data with the possibility to easily engage suppliers in the definition of bill of materials and costing. The Supply Chain Management functionality will also support efficient order tracking with suppliers.