American Sahm Company, LLC has introduced the 4000 Series Multifilament Spinning to the North American fibers market, TextileWeb reported yesterday.

The 4000 range is a series of modular, single-stage process plants for the production of flat or intermingled, partially or fully-drawn polypropylene yarns.

The latest addition, the SAHM 4008 is a highly flexible, 8-threadline, 80 kg/hr machine capable of producing yarns from 100 to 4000 denier, with tenacities above 8g/denier and at winding speeds up to 4000 m/min.

The 4008 has the following advantages for the customer:
· Low investment per kg finished yarn
· Low labor costs - (machine can be operated by one person)
· Low energy costs - less than 0.8kW per kg finished yarn
· Low space requirements - ultra compact design requires less floor space
· Improved yarn quality - due to the unique machine design
· Yarn reproductability - due to the PLC Control system (Process Parameters)
· Fast color changeover - due to the compact extruder and die-head
· Minimum waste production - due to the unique WASCO automatic waste reduction system
· Minimum assembly time - the machine is supplied in three fully-assembled units for minimum installation and start-up time
· Maximum flexibility - can be adapted to suit market changes

Brian Young, the sales and marketing director of, Georg Sahm GmbH & Co KG, Eschwege, Germany, said: "Because of the inherent flexibility in the machine concept and design, we find that many of our customers are branching into totally new markets. A typical producer of textile yarns is now able to manufacture a better quality yarn, in addition to producing high-tenacity technical and POY yarns, all produced on the standard 4008, without the need for further machine investment."

American Sahm Company, LLC is an independent company representing Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG, Maschienenfabrik. Georg Sahm is a leading global manufacturer of winding systems, precision cross wind and parallel equipment, and related winding technology serving a wide variety of industries and applications ranging from textiles, fibres, monofilament, tyre cord and composites.