MySize, whose smartphone based measurement technology helps shoppers choose the right sized clothes, has secured its first patent for its for 'Measurement of a Body Part' app.

The app has been designed specifically for the online apparel market and allows users to choose a garment on a retailer's website using accurate measurements taken with their smartphone of an area of their body. It analyses the recorded information using big data, and then recommends the appropriate size of the article of clothing chosen by the shopper.

MySize's technology applications use algorithms rather than the smartphone camera to record and document body measurements – which also maintains and ensures customer privacy.

A spokesperson for MySize Inc told just-style the company is in talks with apparel retailers who sell online to take on the technology.

"Because the technology recommends the right size and the shopper doesn't need to guess, the product helps to increase conversion on the website, reduce returns and improve shopper satisfaction."

It is estimated that just 10-11% of apparel is bought online, with the main reason for this low figure being that garments don't look and fit as expected when consumers get them home.

In 2016, retail e-commerce revenue from apparel and accessories sales amounted to US$63.3bn, while the return rate for apparel purchased online is about 20%. For more expensive items, return rates can hit 50%, with around 80% of first-time shoppers who return their purchase never buying from that website again.