MySize, whose smartphone-based measurement technology helps shoppers choose the right sized clothes, is developing a version of its MySizeID measurement technology that can be seamlessly integrated into a retailer's online store in a move it says will increase the sales by reducing customers' uncertainties regarding size and fit.

The Israel-based company's technology applications use algorithms rather than the smartphone camera to record and document body measurements, which also maintains and ensures customer privacy.

Its MySizeID app is a turnkey solution that helps any merchant's customers choose the appropriate apparel size for that specific brand, based on the shopper's specific measurements. MySize's innovative technology matches a consumer's measurements with a brand-specific apparel item in their size.

Once launched on e-commerce platforms, store owners will be able to add the MySizeID app to their storefronts through a simple widget and provide their shoppers with a more personalised shopping experience, the firm says.

"When buying clothes online, especially from new brands, it can be difficult for shoppers to know which size is the right fit for them. MySizeID changes this by offering an accurate and user-friendly solution to online retailers to ensure their consumers get the right fit, every time," explains CEO Ronen Luzon. "By making MySizeID available to e-commerce platforms, we are addressing the needs of a large market of smaller and emerging apparel retailers that can easily integrate our sizing technology into their online stores."

The move, which MySize says will increase the sales of apparel retailers by reducing their customers' uncertainties regarding size and fit, will see the firm charge each storefront that uses its apparel sizing app a monthly fee.