Nano-Tex has launched a new nanotechnology-based wrinkle-free treatment that is said to offer an improved performance while preserving fabric strength and integrity - providing an alternative to harsh traditional processes.

Wrinkle-free textiles are popular and convenient for time-pressed consumers, but traditional chemicals and processing methods reduce a fabric's tear and tensile strength.

This means there are certain fabrics and garments that are not candidates for wrinkle-free technology, such as lightweight fabrics or slim fitting garments. Sometimes fabrics also need to be over-engineered or "beefed up" in order to withstand the fibre degradation caused by traditional wrinkle-free solutions.

Either way, current technologies either do not work on all fabrics - or the brand/retailer has to incur additional expense just to accommodate the destructive properties of wrinkle-free chemistry.

The nano-scale molecular structure in Nano-Tex's new Fortify DP technology penetrates more deeply in the fibre to improve wrinkle-free performance.

Additionally, it uses a longer and more flexible cross-linking chain which reduces fibre stress under tension, thus reducing the significant strength loss associated with traditional wrinkle-free chemistry.