Fabric innovator Nano-Tex has signed Perry Ellis and Hart Schaffner Marx as the first men's wear suit designers to take its Resist Spills technology to market.

The two designers have incorporated Nano-Tex's Resist Spills fabric treatment into their autumn line of men's suits and separates, which are now on sale at retail.

Perry Ellis suits and separates with Resist Spills treatment are currently sold at Macy's stores. The suits are made from 100% wool and are available in seven styles. The separates, also made of 100% wool and Italian fabric, are available in four styles.

The Hart Schaffner Marx suits are part of the company's Traveler line currently sold at Nordstrom stores. The suits, made of 100% worsted wool, are available in two styles.

Transparent to the eye and indistinguishable to the touch, Nano-Tex says its Resist Spills technology delivers the market's highest level of stain repellence and durability "without compromising the integrity of the design or look and feel of the garment."

Nano-Tex points out that performance technology like this was previously associated with casual and active wear but is now proving itself for everyday wear.

"Now that Nano-Tex's Resist Spills fabric treatment is available in men's designer suits, we believe function will join style and fit as the criteria men use when shopping for suits," said Renee DeLack Hultin, executive VP of global sales.

"When men invest in Perry Ellis and Hart Schaffner Marx suits with Nano-Tex Resist Spills fabric treatment, they can be assured they are not only buying a stylish suit, but one that will maintain its beauty for years to come."

Nano-Tex plans to add additional men's wear suit brands to its portfolio of designers by the end of the year.

Nano-Tex utilises nanotechnology to design molecules with specific performance attributes; engineer these molecules to assemble on the surface of textile fibres with extreme precision; and ensure that they permanently attach to the fibres through patented binding technology.