High-tech fibre firm Revolution Fibres and New Zealand Extracts have joined forces to form a new joint venture called Active Fibres Ltd.

The aim of the new company is to develop and commercialise functional nanofibres and fabrics, using Revolution Fibres’ electrospinning process and New Zealand Extracts’ method of producing fruit and berry extracts high in bioactives.

The result, it is hoped, will be the development of nanofibres around one-trillionth of a metre thick for use across a wide range of industries, including textiles.

“We’re very excited about the diversity of applications open to us by using nanofibres – especially those fibres derived from natural, organic and sustainable sources,” said Dr Glenn Vile, general manager of New Zealand Extracts.

Iain Hosie, technical director of Revolution Fibres, added: “We want to take advantage of the innovative materials sector, which is so strong in New Zealand, by delivering that sector an alternative and unique offering in nanofibres as another route to market and product diversification.”