It's a tall order. But nothing less than reinventing the US textile enterprise is the ambitious objective of the 9th Annual National Textile Centre (NTC) Forum.

The 2001 Forum seeks answers to a very big question: How can the US textile industry reinvent itself to attract a new generation of investors?

Forum participants are challenged to bring their answers to that question in a competition for the most imaginative and promising ideas. In addition, the Forum will reach outside the industry to gain a fresh perspective. A panel discussion with finance and investment experts and entrepreneurs will be a focal point.

Included in the panel will be Keith B. Hughes, vice president of equity research of SunTrust Equitable Securities, and John A. Moore, CEO and president of Optimer, Inc.

The theme of the Forum is "Making Waves". The Forum will be held at the Kingston Plantation - Embassy Suites, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, February 11-13, 2001.

"We want to shake things up. We want to make waves with more energetic, more exciting exchanges of ideas," said Joe Cunning, NTC director. To help position the NTC to face the future, the Forum will include in-depth analysis of the benefits of NTC research to the US textile and apparel industry over the last nine years. An interactive, multi-media presentation by NTC research teams will review, examine and evaluate the impact of NTC research projects.

The non-linear, user-driven format of the Forum is designed to encourage interaction between research teams and industry decision-makers. The objective of this exchange of ideas and opinions is to focus the energies and resources of the NTC on research that promises to yield the greatest immediate and long-term benefits to the industry.

The Forum provides excellent opportunities for industry decision-makers to interact with NTC faculty and students. All those with an interest in the advancement of technologies that will foster the growth and global competitiveness of the US textile industry are invited to attend, including industry leaders, manufacturers, designers, educators, students, researchers, retailers and recruiters.

About the NTC
The NTC is a clustered research consortium of six universities that form the core of the US textile research and education complex: Auburn University, Clemson University, Georgia Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science and University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth.
The mission of the NTC consortium is to enhance the knowledge basis that drives the momentum of US industry competitiveness. The US fiber/textile/fabricated products/retail complex employs 1.5 million workers.