Nautilus Footwear, the US-based safety shoe company, has signed up Bernard Technologies' innovative new product to combat mould and mildew on footwear.

"Nautilus Footwear and Bernard Technologies have finalised an arrangement that allows us to use their patented, environmentally friendly and highly effective technology for eliminating mould and mildew on footwear," said Wayne Elsey, president and CEO of Nautilus Footwear.

Traditionally, silica gel packs are placed inside shoeboxes to absorb a limited amount of moisture. In some cases, chemical sprays are used to combat mould and mildew, something the silica cannot do.

"Bernard Technologies Microgarde product accomplishes both tasks in a safer and more effective way," enthused Elsey. "That's why it's such a good match for us."

Time Magazine acknowledged the significance of Bernard Technologies Microsphere technology in its December 4 article: "What Will They Think of Next." Future production of Nautilus products will include the unique Microgarde "sticker" inside of the box lid.

"The safety shoe industry used to be about protecting the foot from injury. At Nautilus, we've grown that definition beyond its old borders. With terrific support, comfort and shock absorption, we've shown that we can help reduce the number of muscular-skeletal injuries as well. By providing healthier packaging for our products, Microgarde is one more way for us to revolutionise what it means to be a leader in safety footwear," added Elsey.

Nautilus Footwear is a leader in ergonomically designed footwear, recognized worldwide for unique construction and design. "Independent studies on ergonomics and muscular disorders prove empirically that Nautilus construction far exceeds competitive products for shock absorption," expressed Elsey.

"We are excited to partner with Nautilus Footwear, a world leader in ergonomics. We know that the company shares our dedication to improving health and well being through design and innovation," added Sumner Barenberg, president of Bernard Technologies.

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