RichFX Inc, provider of breakthrough e-commerce technology solutions, announced the launch today of the most advanced shopping experience on the Internet using RichFX Environments at RichFX Environments provides shoppers with immersive, highly sensory, three-dimensional shopping even over dial-up modems. It creates a true physical presence on the web that allows consumers to "walk" through stores, browse, zoom in and interact with products. Through its proprietary compression technology, RichFX delivers this experience using computer-generated video that can be delivered without added delay even over standard dial-up modems - still the standard Internet connection method for 95 percent of users. is the first major online retailer to use RichFX environments. The site showcases the work of shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, the popular shoe designer. Tal Kerret, CEO and co-founder of RichFX Inc, said: "We are very excited that Neiman Marcus, one of the world's premiere specialty retailers, has entrusted us to create the ultimate shopping experience for Manolo Blahnik, one of the fashion industry's favorite artists. We are helping Neiman Marcus extend its high-quality brand online with technology that allows consumers to shop effortlessly in an environment that mirrors the site's stylish bricks and mortar counterpart. "By using RichFX technology, shoppers can easily browse through the magnificent artistic collection of the latest Manolo Blahnik designs in a boutique modeled on Blahnik's Manhattan shop - and to add to the realism, depending on what time of day they enter the store, they can shop by the sunlight or moonlight shining through the boutique window. Our goal is to create the most enjoyable shopping experience on the Internet. It's e-commerce with a human touch," Mr Kerret said.