A new eco-labelling programme set up to show US consumers whether fashion items meet a range of environmental and social standards from design through to retail, is now calling for feedback from industry stakeholders.

Los Angeles based Labeling Ecologically Approved Fabrics (LEAF) wants to help the growing number of reputable apparel designers and brands to tell shoppers about the standards their products have achieved.

LEAF will not perform any certifications; instead, it will verify whether a garment has been certified by any of some 15 or more third-party certification organisations.

Apparel that has been approved by these bodies at various stages within its complex life cycle will be entitled to display the LEAF label on hang tags and in marketing campaigns.

"LEAF, as a unifying and collaborative labelling programme, can provide a link for all the spokes on the wheel - from designers, to textile mills, to manufacturers, to retailers, to media, ultimately leading to the consumer," explains Barbara Kramer, co-founder of Designers and Agents, an independent global fashion trade event.

"LEAF links together leading environmental and socially responsible standards-setting organisations in an effort to accelerate this all-important movement."

The eco-labelling scheme is also in talks to collaborate with several leading standards-development organisations around the world, including The Global Organic Textile Standard; Organic Exchange; and Social Accountability International.

The public review aims to gather stakeholder feedback on the program for apparel sold in the US and takes the form on an online questionnaire.

To take part in the public review process, click here.