BASF has developed a high-performance polyurethane for the midsole of Mizuno's new TC-01 and TC-02 training shoes that helps improve the wearer's balance and athletic performance.

The Elastopan polyurethane works with Mizuno's 'Center of Balance' (COB) technology, offering high hydrolysis resistance and good bonding strength, and transmits information to the soles of the feet through activation bumps moulded into the surface of the midsole.

"Balance is a key requirement for a wide variety of sports," says Natsuki Sato, global footwear product division, Mizuno Corporation. "By improving balance, we have made a positive impact on athletic performance and shaped the future of footwear."

Unlike conventional materials, BASF's polyurethane conforms to the uneven shape of the activation bumps moulded into the surface of the midsole.

"Sharing a common goal of pursuing innovation and performance, we are confident that our polyurethane midsole, combined with Mizuno's COB technology will maximize comfort and functionality in footwear applications," adds Manfred Pawlowski, vice president, consumer industry, performance materials, BASF Asia Pacific.