US wool growers are hoping to raise the profile of American wool as an all-natural, sustainable fibre through a new marketing campaign and product tags.

The American Wool Council, a division of the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI), has spent months consulting on a new logo, which it says brings the industry's image up to par with the products being created and reflects the strength of American wool.

"It's vital for the wool industry that consumers recognise the value of American wool," said ASI director of wool marketing, Rita Kourlis Samuelson. "When you look at wool and its values, you come back to a natural, premium product that performs at a high level in a variety of circumstances. It can be sophisticated and beautiful, but it can also be innovative and dynamic. American wool is known for its unparalleled loft and versatility. The benefits of wool simply can't be matched by any other natural fibre."

The logo will be featured on product tags and in advertising to the international wool trade community, along with appearing in promotions for wool customers. Two variations of the logo will be used, with one for products made in America and another for those made elsewhere using American wool. A new consumer-orientated website is also in the pipeline.

"The American spirit is alive in the fibre, fleece and fabric of natural American Wool," states an international advertisement featuring the new logo. "This is where happy, healthy sheep are raised to thrive in vast, open ranchlands."