A new colour-coding system has been developed that uses logical codes and intuitive design to help fashion and textile firms achieve and communicate a more accurate and precise colour.

Launched by the China Textile Information Center (CTIC) and global B2B media company Ascential, Coloro is based on a 3D colour model that defines colour based on a distinct seven-digit code representing the point where hue, lightness and chroma intersect. 

Of the potential 1.6m colours available in the system, 3,500 are available in the Coloro product, based on global input from trend forecasters, colour experts at CTIC and creative and fashion industry leaders.

"There is opportunity to add massive value to the fashion industry by improving colour decisions and making colour communication consistent and accurate," explains Detlev Pross, leader of the Coloro launch at CTIC. "Coloro combines colour science, colour technology and consumer research to dramatically change how creative professionals work with colour across industry functions, from creatives to supply chain to strategists, improving workflow at every step."

Thorsten Traugott, leader of the Coloro launch at Ascential, adds that the product "simplifies how we identify and create colours, enabling colour to be a truly strategic tool for the creative industry. Harnessing the colour expertise within CTIC, we worked closely with 80 leading influencers in the textile and fashion industry to ensure the product responded to their industry needs."

The product comprises physical and digital tools, and a comprehensive consulting programme – with the digital tool, Coloro Workspace, launching in June.

"CTIC has invested more than 20 years of deep colour analysis, leading to the development of this unrivalled colour coding system that will open a new level of confidence to brands making and implementing the right colour decisions," adds Hu Song, vice president of CTIC. "Through our partnership with Ascential, global market leaders across industries will have immediate access to this innovative colour solution."