On-demand software that can manage compliance across product lifecycles is the latest addition from TEXbase Inc and can be used by brands and retailers to help increase efficiency and reduce risk.

TEXbase Compliance joins TEXbase Materials, TEXbase Quality, and TEXbase Connect to form a complete 'Concept to Compliance' solution that covers data management and vendor collaboration.

The tool has been introduced in response to legislation such as the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which requires manufacturers to comply with new regulations on the testing and certification of consumer products.

"Most compliance management solutions have been reactive not proactive", states TEXbase founder Joe Walkuski.

"It's clear that compliance begins with product development and that Certificates of Compliance (GCCs), for example, are simply the end result of a comprehensive approach to managing quality. We're focused on delivering a holistic solution - from R&D to the shipment of finished products."

TEXbase Compliance creates one central location to capture and store information such as product specifications, product testing plans, test reports, component part certifications and Certificates of Compliance.