A new software tool has been launched that gives retailers the ability to personalise shopping experiences by incorporating social media conversations.

Part of the Manhattan Active Omni platform from Manhattan Associates, the new Manhattan Customer Engagement connects customer conversations on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, with real-time order information to give a complete and accurate picture of each customer's buying journey.

Digitally-savvy consumers are demanding a more personalised shopping experience from retailers, yet only 40% of shoppers say that information they get from retailers is relevant to their tastes and interests, according to Forrester Research.

The new solution is thought to be the first that combines unstructured data from customer conversations with structured order information to allow retailers to make instant service improvements.

Customer Engagement also works seamlessly with Enterprise Order Management to predict and identify potential issues and automatically create cases to correct them before they become problems.

"When it comes to defining the optimal service experience, every customer comes with a different set of needs and desires," says Eddie Capel, president and chief executive officer of Manhattan Associates.

"By being the first to connect order and customer data, Manhattan's new Customer Engagement solution delivers the industry's only actionable insight into the what, why, and how of omnichannel shopping so that retailers can truly personalise and optimise the entire buyer journey."

Key features include real-time, updated customer profile and metrics driven by current and historical orders, performance against commitments and aggregate data. Integration to social channels within the ordering system also increases customer service reach and reduces response times for customer needs.

There is also the ability to open, manage, escalate and resolve customer issues directly. And associate and manager dashboards provide a comprehensive view of customer history and the ability to monitor daily work activity.