Lectra has launched a new leather cutting range specially designed for small and medium run production in the leather goods and technical footwear markets.

The PLH has been designed to help reduce manufacturing times and save on materials - both of which have a major impact on production costs.

The system has a usable leather-cutting area measuring 3m by 1.3m, which offers the ability to handle and process whole hides (or half-hides) in one go.

It also incorporates Lectra's "combined" nesting-making method, which allows operators to achieve optimal nesting efficiency based on the hide's characteristics and their type of production.

An added advantage of automating the cutting process is a reduction in waste due to badly-cut parts, as well as consistent product quality.

The PLH range also incorporates production log and data management functions, which record the characteristics of hides used as cutting proceeds. This makes it easier to compare hides delivered by suppliers and improve quality control of raw materials.

"In the leather industry, every manufacturer is unique and faces its own specific problems," notes Lectra CEO, Daniel Harari.

"The hides used differ from one customer to another, as do their requirements in terms of nestings, their organisational constraints, their specific needs, etc.

"Our strategy is to support our customers...in order to optimise their working processes."