Digital printing systems supplier NUR Macroprinters has released two new FabriGraph dye sublimation printers designed specifically for digital printing on textiles at "production speeds." Dye sublimation printing is an increasingly popular printing method for specialised clothing applications using manmade fabrics, particularly sportswear. 

The new NUR FabriGraph DS3200 is a 3.2 metre wide, dye sublimation printer, offering what NUR Macroprinters believes to be the highest productivity levels of any digital dye sublimation device in the market today. It is complemented by a 1.5 metre wide machine, the DS1500.

Both units can print at up to 430 square feet per hour. Alon Avnon, VP of business development for NUR, explained: "These levels of productivity offer a cost-effective digital printing solution for print runs of up to 3,000 square feet - enabling print service providers to enhance their premium service offering to include short-run production, fast delivery and mass customisation."

The FabriGraph printers are said to deliver a print resolution of up to 600 dpi on all textile fabrics containing a minimum of 50 per cent polyester. They incorporate Sophis Systems digital front end and colour calibration technology to ensure their suitability for true textile applications.

The printed fabric is dry at the point of output and can be heat-transferred to the fabric without any further treatment, using conventional heat presses.

The NUR FabriGraph DS3200 and DS1500 are currently in a beta test phase, and products are scheduled for commercial availability worldwide in early 2002.