The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has launched a digital tool to help companies gauge the circularity of their entire operation and see how they measure up in sustainability terms compared to their peers.

Circulytics goes beyond measuring products and material flows, and instead uses company-level data with applied insights and analysis from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation's data and metrics team in order to highlight opportunities for innovation while at the same time allowing companies to track their progress. 

Circulytics, which is free to use, shows companies where they sit in relation to their industry. It:

  • Measures a company's entire circularity, not just products and material flows;
  • Supports decision-making and strategic development for circular economy adoption;
  • Demonstrates strengths and highlights the areas for improvement;
  • Provides optional transparency to investors and customers about a company's circular economy adoption;
  • Delivers unprecedented clarity about circular economy performance, opening up new opportunities to generate brand value with key stakeholders.

The Circulytics indicators have been developed by the Foundation in collaboration with 13 Global Partners and CE100 member companies, and have been tested by over 30 companies during 2019.