A new dyeing process which mimics the effects of wear, ageing or a colour change effect to corduroy, denim or stretch cotton fabrics has just been developed by Lauffenmühle’s leisurewear division.

Being marketed as the S16 process, different variants are available.

Rustic finishes using surface effects such as streaks or stripes are promised with the Paradise variant which comes in natural and fruit-inspired colourways. The Pearl version is most suited to fragile, feminine appeal fabrics dyed to soft shades or pale neutrals.

Monolith is the variant recommended for use on coarse weave fabrics such as fashion fabrics borrowed from the workwear scene and particularly for corduroys. Colour choices are either monochrome or metallic.

Last but not least, Modular is the look for fabrics employing techno fibres such as Coolmax, Cordura or Lycra T 400, or fabrics given a Teflon easy-care finish. The colour story for this variant is multi-toned, often making use of bright colour highlights.

By Sonia Roberts