A new software module that will help suppliers meet the requirements of JCPenney's TMS Dynamic Routing Initiative programme has been created by EDI Support Inc (ESI), the maker of EDI solutions for apparel and footwear suppliers.

TMS is a mandatory transportation programme that changes the pre-shipment procedure for orders that are ready to ship, and is already being replicated by other leading retailers such as Target and Kohl's.

For supplier, the benefits of TMS include getting the merchandise on the shelves more quickly, which could mean an increase in sales for both companies. The programme also eliminates expense offsets for transportation. TMS allows JCPenney to better manage its freight costs through consolidating shipments and routing, while also reducing transit times.

ESI's module sends pre-shipment data to the supplier and receives the shipping instructions back. It  transmits a 753, Request for Routing Instructions document, to JCPenney prior to shipment and will then receive a 754, Routing Instructions document, back from JCPenney letting the supplier know how to ship the order.