New brand identification fasteners that display highly visible printed brand names, retail names and product logos have been launched by the Fastener Division of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services.

As well as enhancing brand identification and recognition, the distinctive fasteners with their expanded paddle area can also authenticate products, readily identify fakes and deter counterfeiting Avery Dennison says.

Its System 1000 Brand Identification Fasteners are made of polypropylene and securely attach price tickets, brand tickets and product information.

The fasteners feature a large rectangular paddle that measures 5/8 by 3/8 inches (15 mm x 9 mm) - three times the size of standard paddle fasteners. This area provides an ideal vehicle for displaying printed brand names, retail names, logos, size and other product information.

They can also be moulded in virtually any PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour.

Potential users include apparel brand owners, manufacturers and suppliers, and retailers, who can employ fasteners as a means of authenticating genuine products.
Avery Dennison Fastener Division worldwide marketing manager John Earley says: "The fasteners position brands or names in a highly visible position and they can be supplied only to authorised users. As a result, they are distinctive in appearance and can be used to identify genuine merchandise.

"A case in point is a major sports apparel maker, which employs the System 1000 fasteners as a means of authenticating soccer jerseys. Garments without the distinctive fasteners are readily identifiable as counterfeits."