A new fastening system that frees consumers from the unpleasant task of removing metal pins from men's dress shirts, and safeguards retailers, brand owners and apparel manufacturers from pin-related liability concerns, has been developed by Avery Dennison Fastener Division.

The patented system consists of a durable, easy-to-use hand tool, called Avery Dennison MicroPin, and small nylon microfasteners that hold securely yet can be removed with a gentle tug. 

The system can be used instead of metal pins as well as plastic or metal jet clips for most men's dress shirt fabrics, including oxford, broadcloth and pinpoint oxford. And it requires no change in the shirt folding process.

MicroPin was developed in direct response to feedback from leading men's shirt brand owners, retailers and manufacturers, says Avery Dennison Fastener Division worldwide marketing manager John Earley.

"The system we've developed features microfasteners that hold securely but can be easily and safely removed without exposing the consumer to the sharp points of metal pins."