The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) has appointed a new country representative in the US to provide its members in Canada and the US with help implementing its two flagship sustainability programmes.

The Brussels-based business association's Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) aims to help improve working conditions in factories globally; while its Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) is intended to drive better environmental performance in global supply chains.

The new FTA US & Canada representative, Kelli Hoggle, will also assist FTA members sourcing from the region and actively engage with producers on the ground to support their sustainability efforts.

Christian Ewert, FTA director general, described the move as a "logical next step in expanding FTA's global network. Our presence in the US will broaden the outreach of FTA activities to a market that has become increasingly important to our members.

"This move will mean more efficient and tailored services for our members and reinforced relations with key local stakeholders."

FTA has more than 1,900 retailers, importers, brand companies and national associations amongst its members, and offices in China, Bangladesh, India and Turkey. It also works with eight national contact groups across Europe providing additional tailored support to members.