Japanese technology company Fujitsu is to begin sales of a new tape-measure based device it says will allow for more efficient measurements in the apparel industry.

The new IoT measuring device promises to "dramatically improve" the efficiency of apparel sizing and measurements, while Fujitsu will additionally offer a companion app to record information about measurements taken with the device.

By pressing a special button on the device, attached to a conventional-looking tape measure, the measurement data is transferred to an application on Windows such as Excel or Notepad via Bluetooth via a dedicated app. This enables the automatic input of values each time the measurement button is pressed, instead of manually transferring data to a recording sheet or slip, accelerating work efficiency and reducing errors in posting.

By reading the special pattern printed on the back of the tape, measurements can be made in units of one millimetre. Since it isn't necessary to rewind the measure tape when continuously measuring multiple points, users can perform measurements quickly and easily.

"In recent years, as consumer needs diversify in the apparel industry, companies are increasingly paying attention to custom order and custom-made products in addition to conventional off-the-shelf product sales and sharing services," Fujitsu says. "At the same time, however, apparel retailers are struggling to keep up with this trend, and mistakes in writing or reading vouchers for alterations of ready and custom-made garments are a frequent occurrence."

The firm is targeting sales of 30,000 units by the end of 2022.