Increasing demand for its shop-floor control, full-package management software has led New Generation Computing Inc to expand its operations in Central America.

Working in partnership with E-Soft, a company that provides technology
consulting services to apparel producers and full-package providers in Central America, New Generation Computing has added sales representatives, programmers and project implementation and support personnel to service new and existing customers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize.

The expansion comes at a time that the demand in Central America for two of New Generation Computing's software products - TPM, or The Production Manager, and FPM, or Full Package Management System - has increased over the past few years that the company and San Salvador-based E-Soft have worked together.                

"We worked diligently with E-Soft to assess the Central American market before we made the commitments on the ground that were necessary for us to move forward," said Alan Brooks, president of New Generation Computing.

"With the benefits that apparel producers have derived from our products, we're confident that we're positioned to capture a dominant share of the market as more Central American apparel producers and contractors in full package learn about our local sales, support and our outstanding apparel industry specific software products."