A guide that sets out the fire risks to people working in textile and clothing factories has been launched by the Textiles Industry Advisory Committee (TEXIAC). Textiles and clothing products often burn easily and may be stored poorly, posing risks to factory workers and to premises and plant, says the booklet.'Fire Precautions in the Clothing and Textile Industries' gives advice on how to control fire risk and outlines the steps needed to comply with legal requirements and minimise risks of fire.TEXIAC chairman Andrew Porter said: "Whether your business concerns spinning, weaving, making up garments or recycling rags, this booklet will be particularly useful. As well as the risk of injury or even death, fire remains a serious risk to the very survival of a business. Employers cannot afford to ignore it. Amongst other things, the guidance covers the factors that influence how fast a fire involving textiles may grow. It explains what can be done to minimise any risk and what to do if a small fire becomes uncontrollable before the fire brigade can arrive."Under the new fire regulations, employers have the responsibility for assessing the means of escape from their premises. The new guidance looks at this issue, and the particular features of a building that make the risk assessment more difficult.Copies of 'Fire Precautions in the Clothing and Textile Industries' (ISBN 0 7176 1786 6; price £8.50) can be ordered online at: