Testing and inspection specialist Intertek has launched a new service designed to evaluate the compliance of suppliers and respond to the information requests of customers.

Inlight Network is an online platform that lets suppliers share audit results from Intertek's Supplier Verification Audit Programmes, along with a complete compliance business profile, with their buying partners, ensuring they meet all transparency and compliance requirements.

Brands, meanwhile, can use the Network for enhanced visibility of their supply chains, as well as access an Intertek database of supplier compliance scorecards and the opportunity to build their own Network. Self-assessment questionnaires and audit history data are benchmarked against country, industry and global trends to help reduce audit costs and protect business reputations.

"With regulatory risks on the rise, Inlight Network provides a collaborative solution for deeper buyer-supplier engagement in supply chain compliance transparency and validation," says Calin Moldovean, president of Intertek business assurance. "In addition, suppliers and their buyers can identify unexplored business opportunities and develop strategies that result in beneficial actions and relationships."

The new platform is supported by a network of local compliance experts in more than 65 countries, helping suppliers through training, guidance and continuous improvement.