Production systems developer IPE is launching a new plant floor visibility and control solution to help boost productivity and efficiency for sewn products and other textile-related manufacturers. 

The new IP Realtime shop floor control tool leverages Android-compatible tablets connected with a Microsoft SQL Server platform to wirelessly track, manage, and display all production activities in real-time – providing immediate management information and worker feedback. 

This greatly enhances a manufacturer's ability to maintain proper production line balance, deal with potential bottlenecks before they escalate, identify and resolve quality issues, and provide workers with pacing and performance updates. 

"We worked with existing clients to develop a next-generation solution that delivers a new level of accessibility, flexibility, and affordability to the plant floor," explains IPE managing partner Brad Mikes. "IP-Realtime addresses the needs that today's manufacturers have for operational transparency, workflow visibility, and always up-to-date information."

The new tool is also integrated with the IP-Batch periodic data collection and processing solution, providing companies with the option to deploy the best-fit system for each part of their operation.