Lawson-Hemphill Sales will be exhibiting a new economical, high speed production knitter for yarn manufacturers worldwide at ATME-I 2001 in Greenville, SC, April 23-27, 2001.

The "Basic Knitter (BAK)" is a 3.5 inch knitting machine with interchangeable cylinders to accommodate a wide range of yarn count and various yarn types. The BAK is excellent for small production of 3.5 inch hose, sample preparation for dye houses, laboratories, or other applications.

Also featured will be Lawson-Hemphill's newly developed software for its Electronic Inspection Board (EIB) and Constant Tension Transport (CTT). This patented optical test technology, called the "Yarn Analysis System (YAS)", provides three ways to look at Yarn Profile. The YAS can be used for routine quality control testing, incoming raw material testing, research and development, and as an education tool demonstrating how certain defects affect the end product.

Other products to be exhibited include yarn tensile testers, evenness testers with improved analysis capability, moisture monitoring systems, and other laboratory and production quality control solutions.