Fashion technology provider Tukatech has partnered with Los Angeles-based manufacturer Lefty Production Co to open a new TukaCenter in the city's downtown district. 

"The purpose of our TukaCenter is to allow smaller manufacturers, independent fashion designers, freelance pattern-makers, graders, marker-makers or anyone else who wants to design clothes to walk in and allow fashion industry experts to assist and guide the way," explains Tukatech founder Ram Sareen.

"Lefty Production Co works with designers, fashion brands, and retailers of all varieties and sizes, and Tukatech's software and hardware solutions benefits all of them," says founder Marta Miller. "Our highest priority is ensuring our clients get the best possible products and the best possible service, on time. Tukatech helps us achieve our goals and delight our clients."

Lefty will continue to offer its full-package services from fabric sourcing to packing using Tukatech technologies including TukaCAD and SmartMark for pattern-making, grading and marker-making; Tuka3D for virtual sampling; a TukaCut laser cutter for sample cutting; and TukaCloud for asset management and cloud collaboration.