Lectras latest Fashion PLM helps monitor, measure, and improve business performance

Lectra's latest Fashion PLM helps monitor, measure, and improve business performance

The latest version of Lectra's Fashion PLM tool has been developed to give fashion firms control over collection development, as well as the visibility to make strategic business decisions and carry them out quickly.

"Four decades of observation and exchange have shaped Lectra Fashion PLM into a powerful solution for decision making that gives the power of choice back to those who need it most," explains Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

Lectra Fashion PLM V3 brings teams together by integrating fashion and textile design and product development into the development cycle to link product-level detail with high-level collection information.

This gives fashion companies complete control over operations so that they can anticipate and respond to consumer demands down to colour, size, style, and fit per distribution channel. At the same time they can make supply-side decisions and react to fluctuations in everything from the price of raw materials or world economic conditions.

The software also helps fashion companies to be closer to their customers by allowing them to accurately define and track product offers during the stages of design, product development, and production.

A newly-enhanced workflow emphasises user-friendly reporting and dashboard tools that allow managers to build a higher performing organization by giving them global visibility and control over the collection development process.

The new tool gives companies "the power to monitor, measure, and improve business performance and profitability," adds Anastasia Charbin, marketing director, fashion.

"Fully configurable to reflect different business structures, Lectra Fashion PLM channels agility into the development process for a strong product offer that speaks to end consumers and supports a company's growth."