Value fashion retailer New Look has asked its suppliers to share the cost of promotional discounting for this season.

The company, which has upped promotional activity on selected knitwear and denim lines to offset an unseasonably warm October and November, has hit suppliers with bills for the promotions.

Some suppliers have complained that there are discrepancies in the billing process, saying it was unclear when the discounting had been calculated from.

However, New Look managing director Phil Wrigley said the cost-sharing was beneficial to suppliers because of the effect discounting had on sales.

"We have been promoting specific products because of the adverse effect of the recent good weather on sales of autumn lines," he said.

"While we have driven volume and increased market share, we have taken a hit on margin.

"Promotions on knitwear and denim lines have driven volume, benefiting suppliers.

"We are calculating the effect on margin and splitting the cost with suppliers.

"It is very much like retrospective discounting."