New Look has launched a range of 392 Vegan & Cruelty-Free Fashion products

New Look has launched a range of 392 'Vegan & Cruelty-Free Fashion' products

UK fashion retailer New Look has become the first high-street fashion retailer to register ranges with The Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark, amid a commitment to change its components and reduce reliance on animal-derived ingredients.

The fashion retailer has launched a range of 392 'Vegan & Cruelty-Free Fashion' products, such as footwear and handbags, as well as two biker jackets. The products are available to purchase online, ahead of a roll-out of new vegan labelling online and in stores from September. 

The Vegan Society says it has ensured the registered products are "free of animal-derived components, including any that might be found in fabrics, threads, glues, dyes and treatments."

The organisation has also taken steps to ensure that the manufacture of the products and its materials are free of animal testing.

"Items that have been registered will be clearly labelled with the Vegan Trademark, making them easily identifiable," the group says.

Meanwhile, New Look has also committed to "registering as many of its non-leather goods as possible, changing components and reducing its reliance on animal-derived ingredients," according to the Vegan Society.

"It's a hugely positive step for New Look and sets a precedent within the wider fashion industry. At a time when customers are increasingly aware of how their clothes are made and what goes into them, it's possible to achieve transparency in the supply chain and source alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, while keeping them affordable." 

Veganism is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many people, and alongside non-animal derived food products, consumers are also looking for vegan-friendly clothing and footwear.

While this presents a considerable opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers – with retailers including Topshop and Asos joining New Look in launching 'vegan' clothing and footwear lines – firms are being advised to be aware of the difficulties in entering this complex market.

The materials they use must be robust and maintain the qualities of the animal-based materials they are replacing, according to testing, inspection and certification specialist SGS Softlines Services.