A new online platform has launched with the aim of digitally connecting major apparel retailers with suppliers without the need for trade shows, sample trips, spreadsheets, phone calls and emails to discuss trends.

StyleSelect, set up by a team of veteran apparel and technology experts, is described as a "marketing tool for suppliers" and a "marketplace tool for buyers." Specifically, it lets retailers search and discover offerings from countless supplier collections, and gives suppliers "unprecedented exposure and proximity to retailers worldwide."

StyleSelect's assets include the keyword friendly StyleSearch and StyleSort assortment planning tools, so that both buyers and suppliers can connect with each other, 24/7, to share trending styles, create assortments, and visually market to new and existing customers.

StyleSelect has begun accepting charter membership applications from Lunachix, Select Clothing, LC Apparel, Poof!, and Dollhouse, amongst others. It also says it has "generated praise" from Tilly's, Ross Stores, JCP, and Stage Stores.

"We wanted to build a community around our brand and a long-lasting relationship with our professional buyers," said Albert Shehebar, president and owner of clothing supplier Dollhouse.

"StyleSelect gives us the ability to connect with our buyers and provide them with curated linesheets, fill their sample needs and collaborate with our team, through one unified system. Plus, by having our 'Sizzle' information on the marketplace, we're sure to be discovered by new buyers we would never have time to meet."