A new online tool that helps fashion companies collaborate better with their suppliers when purchasing goods is among latest fashion-specific offerings from Lawson Software.

The Supplier Portal was created for fashion sourcing companies as well as fashion manufacturers, and offers online access to key information, including order tracking and delivery data.

Because both sides of a transaction can view and update the same data, it can improve collaboration between a fashion company and its suppliers. This functionality in turn helps eliminate time lags, duplicate work and the risk of errors.

The system also helps reduce manual activities and streamline processes by creating automatic confirmation of order quantities, dates and prices. In addition, it can create delivery notes, which also helps to reduce manual processes such as faxing, emailing and managing multiple spreadsheets.

The new solution has been designed with Lawson's 'simpler is better' concept in mind, so it contains the key functionality that supplying companies need. And, since it is delivered via the Web, it does not require on-site installation.

"Supplier Portal works directly with our full Lawson for Fashion business software system, helping to reduce the cost of deployment and long-term cost of ownership," explains Frédéric Champalbert, general manager, Fashion, for Lawson.