Rehance, the patented environmentally friendly, water-based printing solution that produces a breathable print on both cotton and nylon fabrics, has been successfully employed using digital printing technology.

The product's joint development partner TS Designs Inc employed consultant Vince Cahill of VCE Solutions to select digital printing systems that could best print Rehance chemistry. Working with Patrice Giraud of ESISAR at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Mr Cahill employed an innovative print system to successfully image cotton and nylon fabrics with Rehance chemistries.

Eric Henry, president of TS Designs, said: "We are delighted to be able to print Rehance digitally and believe this will take us to the next level with the technology. This advance will help us to provide our customers with personalised and shorter-print runs of Rehance printed garments. It will also enable us to advance our mass customisation strategy that will increase our company's ability to respond quickly to customer needs and compete with low cost imports. Our company is not waiting for change, we're making it.''

Vince Cahill of VCE Solutions added: "TS Designs has served as an innovator for the garment decoration Industry. Its joint development of Rehance technology with Burlington Chemical Company illustrates the company's commitment to continual improvement and inventiveness. I am encouraged to report our initial success printing Rehance with new and reliable digital technology. These results open new possibilities for digitally printing garment directly and cost effectively not only with Rehance, but also with conventional ink chemistries. We are still in the early testing stages of development, but we also see the door to direct digital garment printing opening.''

During application, Rehance is first printed and then garment-dyed to eliminate shrinkage issues and provide better inventory management and speed to market for the wholesaler.