A new product to help jeans manufacturers improve the quality and final appearance of their garments has been developed by Protechnic. The company, which is already well-known for its range of thermo-adhesive nets, webs and films for the jeans market, has now launched an ethylene terpolymer film that combines high flexibility with the ability to penetrate denim fabric, and can be used to enhance belt loops and seams. Application of the Loop'stick helps stiffen the fibres in a belt-loop, and this can stop it from twisting while it is being attached to the waistband. It can be used on seams as well, where it contributes to a clean cut and neat edges by reducing the likelihood of fraying and bursting. Because it keeps the side seams flat, the product is also said to improve their resistance to stone-washing and prevents them from re-opening during pressing.The thermo-adhesive is simple to apply and does not require any additional operations. It is simply slipped into the belt loop during sewing; or positioned on the side seams at the overlocking stage. In both cases, the product is then fused in a press or by ironing. Loop'stick is available in a range of eight types of nets, webs and films from 30 to 100 microns. It is resistant to stone washing up to 60°C, and is supplied on bobbins in lengths of 50-300 metres and from 10mm in width.