A new MDI-based prepolymer for the production of polyurethane footwear components has been developed by Huntsman Polyurethanes' Footwear Division.

The system, called Suprasec 2982, has been designed to improve storage life and liquidity, providing footwear manufacturers with a more robust and user-friendly product the company says. Further benefits include better transparency for fashion outsoles and a sharper definition on midsoles.

Suprasec 2982 is particularly recommended for footwear manufacturers located in areas with climate extremes where storage conditions are not ideal, leading to the premature degradation of the prepolymer. Suprasec 2982 remains liquid, even at low temperatures, and is less susceptible to dimerisation at elevated temperatures.

The technology is already being used by safety boot companies on the Indian subcontinent and causal shoemakers in Eastern Europe Huntsman Polyurethanes says.

As the product is able to withstand wider fluctuations in temperature during transportation to the polyurethane processor, it is also suitable for footwear produced in countries where transit times are relatively long.