International specialty chemical company Avecia announced today that it will lead its drive into antimicrobial treatments for consumer products under its newly developed Purista branding.

The Purista brand was launched to the textiles sector in October and focuses on delivering hygiene benefits to consumers through the added freshness and cleanliness of products treated with its range of antimicrobials.

According to the company, the antimicrobial fabric treatments deliver a range of benefits by combating microorganisms responsible for odour, discolouration and product degradation. One of the lead products for which Avecia's new Purista branding will be available is an antimicrobial treatment for cotton and cellulosic fabrics. Notable product applications are seen as cotton and viscose based clothing, towelling, cloths and wipes.

The company claim that places such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants will all benefit from the antimicrobial properties, which can be used in products ranging from towels and linen to staff uniforms.

Peter Cowey, Avecia's Business Manager for consumer product applications, said: "Research in the UK and US shows strong consumer interest in hygiene enhanced products, particularly in textiles, home care and public facility applications. The real benefits of antimicrobial treatments do not appear to have been positively positioned or promoted to consumers in the past and we want to address this with our new Purista brand."