A new certification programme for textiles has been developed that meets industry demand for safer chemicals in manufacturing and that communicates their use across supply chains.

Launched today (19 April), at the Kingpins Show for the denim industry in Amsterdam, GreenScreen Certified builds on GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, which launched in 2007 allowing companies to transparently assess, compare and communicate information on chemical toxicity.

"For years brands and manufacturers have asked us, 'How can I use GreenScreen to identify and showcase safer chemical formulations?'", said Dr. Mark Rossi, executive director of Clean Production Action. "Our new certification for the textile industry answers that call."

GreenScreen Certified Standard for Textile Chemicals sets three levels of certification: bronze, silver and gold. The multiple certification levels are designed to allow for continual improvement. They acknowledge organisations that are early in the journey to safer chemicals, recognise those designing formulations using more benign ingredients, and provides transparency on chemical hazards, while protecting proprietary formulations.

Garmon Chemicals has become the first company with GreenScreen Certified formulations. "GreenScreen Certified gives us the platform to clearly communicate our commitment to environmentally sound solutions for the denim and fashion industries," says Alberto De Conti, chief marketing officer at Garmon Chemicals.

Shari Franjevic, interim GreenScreen programme manager at CPA, adds: "CPA has a strong network of GreenScreen professionals, and chemical formulators interested in certification can work with a GreenScreen licensed profiler or GreenScreen consultant to certify their products."

Clean Production Action is a mission-driven non-profit research and design organisation that creates strategies and solutions towards a healthy chemical and material economy. It currently has three programmes, BizNGO, GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, and the Chemical Footprint Project.